Biotechnology Game-changers

About CB Therapeutics

We Are Advancing Fermentation-based Cellular Agriculture and Neuroscience to Achieve Breakthroughs in Mental Healthcare

Today, we are producing these natural molecules and their analogs with greater purity, consistency and efficiency

It’s simple. CB Therapeutics is producing natural molecules and their analogs as therapeutic compounds for clinical research and the commercial market. After more than four years in research and development, we have focused on the therapeutic potential of cannabinoids and tryptamines for use in the treatment of depression, PTSD, anxiety, addiction and other mental disorders. We are able to produce these phytochemicals and other promising molecules and compounds more rapidly, utilizing fewer resources, at greater yields and with more purity, consistency and efficiency than Mother Nature.

We are leaders in Synthetic Genomics and Bio-Engineering

Our expertise in synthetic genomics and bio-engineering has significantly advanced our proprietary yeasts, enzymes and production processes. Our high throughput Bio-Informatics platform seeks, filters and discovers the unique and optimal enzymes from plants and other sources to domesticate for our novel production yeast strains. We can develop custom production process technologies to support and efficiently scale drug product manufacturing to meet the demands of clinical patient supply requirements to move rapidly through clinical development.

We have developed a 7000+ sf fully-licensed commercial batch facility in southern California including research labs and a production facility for laboratory scale and pilot production runs. Advanced bioreactor systems with off gas analysis and coupling to analytical equipment (HPLC, LC-MS) for streamlined process development and cost-effective fermentations. The facility is equipped with an extensive suite of micro scale, bench top and large scale bioreactor systems to optimize the production of a broad range of fermentation-based production applications.

We have advanced the science of Cellular Agriculture to build on its promise to meet the health and wellness needs of mankind.