CB Therapeutics’ Business Development Lead, Tiffany Hurd, is Further Bridging the Gap Between Pharma and Psychedelics

CARLSBAD, Calif., June 20, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — CB Therapeutics (the “Company”), a biosynthesis company focused on creating ethically-produced, environmentally-friendly products for human health, welcomes a new member of the team who is focused on growth and sustainability.

The Company’s new business development lead, Tiffany Hurd, has over 14 years of experience in high executive Neurology and Neuroscience positions for Fortune 500 companies and over four years of consulting teams, psychedelic companies and coaching individual clients. 

Like many people in the space, Hurd has had her own journey with psychedelics that positively impacted her personal life. Leveraging a psychedelic experience into a career shift isn’t everyone’s path. Still, Hurd represents an increasingly evident bridge being built right now between the pharmaceutical space and the growing yet nascent psychedelic drug discovery market. 

Hurd’s new goal is to help support CB Therapeutics as a growing business and bring in aligned partnerships that will positively impact the Company’s sustainability, value propositions, and longevity.

Three things that drew Tiffany Hurd in to CB Therapeutics  

  1. To come in as a business development position and at the foundation-building phase of what they’re creating. 
  2. Working for a profitable company with a vision and being at the forefront of the psychedelic industry.
  3. The startup mentality is exciting, especially in a new space like psychedelics.

“I think there’s so much opportunity for the company to continue to grow in many different ways. I can even see a space where, you know, I’m coming in as the first business development lead and, and then, you know, over time developing and leading a team,” says Hurd.

Although originally from Southern California, Tiffany graduated from Providence College in 2012 as a Division I basketball player with a BA in Sociology.

About CB Therapeutics  

CB Therapeutics produces high-value molecules, compounds, and rare ingredients from simple sugars utilizing yeast and the process of fermentation. Since its inception, CB Therapeutics has developed standardized biotechnology processes for producing natural molecules and their analogs for clinical research in psychedelic medicine, cannabinoid-based therapies, and food technologies. As a drug discovery platform with the ability to create a clean and secure supply of products, The Company’s partnership allows it to develop custom production process technologies to support and scale drug product manufacturing to meet clinical patient supply demands. In turn, this enables partners to move more swiftly through clinical development.  

CB Therapeutics’ expertise in synthetic genomics and bio-engineering has significantly advanced its proprietary production platform of microorganisms, enzymes, and production processes. After more than four years of research and development, the CB Therapeutics team can produce a broad range of phytochemicals faster, utilizing fewer resources, at greater yields, and with more purity, consistency, and efficiency than competing platforms. CB Therapeutics operates from their new 16,000 sq. ft. fully-licensed commercial batch facility in southern California.  

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