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Senior Protein and Enzyme Engineer

$75,000 – $100,000

We are seeking a Biological Scientist to lead Protein engineering and biochemistry efforts to continually improve the production and variety of high-value therapeutic compounds in yeast.

The Scientist will work on the engineering of bottleneck enzymes in yeast metabolic and heterogeneous pathways. She or he will provide expertise and plan experiments involving enzyme-domain fusions, site-directed mutagenesis, protein purifications, enzyme kinetics,

in-vitroreactions, and molecular modeling to drive the engineering of key enzymes with improved properties. The Scientist will be an integral part of a small, passionate, multi-disciplinary team focused on improving the performance of microbes to deliver therapeutic compounds to improve human health.

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Senior Research Associate : Syn Bio Lab

Compensation is paid hourly at a rate TBD

Our synthetic biology lab is seeking an outstanding research associate for full-time position. We are a small biotech company creating therapeutic compounds to treat diseases and improve human health.

Candidates must have prior research lab experience in a molecular biology or microbiology setting and have majored in molecular biology, biochemistry, bioengineering, or a related field.

The ideal candidate is a recent college graduate who wants to gain experience performing cutting-edge research in an exciting and friendly environment. Current college undergrads with relevant experience may also apply.

This position will entail molecular cloning, PCR, media preps, bacteria and yeast handling, good organizational skills, as well as dependability and honesty.

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