Environmental Benefits

The environmental impact of producing cannabis plants, psychedelic drugs, and food products of all kinds is vast and complex. The good news is that there are enormous opportunities for sustainable innovations in these three sectors, like making chemically identical biosynthetic molecules so that research can commence in these groundbreaking sectors. Learn more about the specific impact each sector has on the planet and how the advanced synthetic biology of CB Therapeutics can benefit these industries by making sustainable research compounds.


Research breakthroughs involving psychedelics have the potential to improve the quality of life for many — whether they’re as a treatment for substance use disorder or for other mental health issues, like anxiety or depression. But, on the other hand, the commodification of psychedelics for medical use, or otherwise, is found to have profound implications surrounding worldwide environmental sustainability.

The breakthrough of being able to offer a more environmentally sound option through biosynthesis means vital research can take place without harming the planet.

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Wide-scale cannabis production is causing unwanted environmental harm, and there are severe downsides to cannabis production, like fragmented forest areas, reduced wildlife habitats, biodiversity, excessive water, and energy usage. Incredibly, we have enormous opportunities for sustainable innovations like making cannabinoids that are chemically identical to the phytocannabinoids expressed by the cannabis plant.

Cannabis Plant

Food Tech

Food tech is creating sustainable, commercially viable solutions through cellular agriculture which will evolve to service the multiple trends within scientific research, as well as the demand to meet our changing lifestyle. The popularity of plant-based meat alternatives would have been hard to believe just 10 years ago. Yet, today, we see a future where cell-grown meat, dairy and fish, as well as smart spoilage sensors to reduce food waste could help humans and the planet stay healthy.

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