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When we find interesting articles and thought leadership that is relevant to synthetic biology, neuroscience, mental healthcare and the use of cannabinoids and psychedelics as therapeutics, we like to put it here.

CB Therapeutics is able to cost efficiently produce at scale, many of these “minor” cannabinoids that have major therapeutic potential but exist in very small concentrations in the plant making them costly to extract.
CB Therapeutics is researching and developing molecules and compounds to advance Neuroscience and bring therapeutics to market to solve the opioid crisis, various addictions and mankind’s most challenging mental healthcare and social problems.

Psychedelics are not addictive. In fact if you take them every day, within three days they stop working. And people know that. Most people use psychedelics once or twice in their life recreationally because they don’t need to anymore, but they can be powerful in ways of changing the way people think about things like other drugs that are much more addictive.
More and more research is being done on the efficacy of psilocybin, MDMA, DMT and other tryptamine compounds and their analogs for the treatment of some of mankind’s greatest mental healthcare and end of life challenges. CB Therapeutics is working hard to produce the therapeutics needed for clinical trials to address these challenges.