How Do We Create Solutions to Such BIG problems?

It’s Actually a Simple, TINY Solution.

It’s yeast. One of life’s simplest organisms. And we can tell yeast how to make almost any compound, food or drug through the process of fermentation, possibly the most understood chemical process on the planet. We can do this with precision, at scale, using minimal resources and simple feedstocks. Our production process is highly efficient, to drive down production costs, AND we do it sustainably for the environment.

Biomanufacturing Will Be the Future of Production for Humankind 

Biosynthesis is a highly agile, scalable process that has been used for many years in multiple commercial sectors. Compared to traditional methods of production, our Precision Synthetic Biology Platform reduces the environmental footprint, production time and cost. Our proprietary platform standardizes the production of high-quality psychedelics, cannabinoids, animal-free food ingredients, and much, much more. Production can also be moved near the point of demand, eliminating transportation costs and supply chain problems.

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Our Patented Bioinformatics Advantage

We developed in-house structural and bioinformatics programs for novel enzyme design and a rapidly growing IP portfolio platform. Our proprietary and cloud-based automated genome and transcriptome assembly pipeline requires marginal human input and is scalable to analyze vast amounts of sequencing data.

Our Patented Biosynthesis Gene Design Advantage

We are utilizing cutting-edge gene design techniques for more robust enzyme expression in our proprietary yeast strains. Our novel proprietary enzyme engineering platform has rapidly increased titers and allows for streamlined biosynthetic pathway engineering.

Our Patented Process Engineering Advantage

Our advanced Bioinformatics platform allows us to conduct complex structural analyses that provide actionable process improvements. This distinct production advantage allows higher yields with greater efficiency and consistency. Our iterative process allows for progressive product yield improvements and better extraction techniques for multiple yeast-derived high-value products.

Our Patented Protein Engineering Advantage

Engineering biosynthetic pathways begins with harmonious optimization of multiple functional enzymes rather than just a single one. These functional enzymes and how they come together to enhance product titers are unique to our science. Our bioinformatics and protein engineering platforms have optimized these enzymes to hyper-function in our proprietary yeast strains.